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Brandon Eckroth

Brandon Eckroth is a 20 year old photographer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He specializes in landscape and portrait photography. He has taken a liking to photo journalism as well. Brandon enjoys meeting new people and hearing their stories. Basically everything he does boils down to loving God and loving people. Check out his work on instagram and on his website.


January 15 - January 29, 2015

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to make my way down to Central America and work at an orphanage in Nicaragua for a couple weeks. It was a life changing experience to say the least. I spent most of the time working with the children at the orphanage, but there were also a few days that I had the chance to get out and explore some landscapes. I was left awestruck by not only the beauty of the country, but the culture as well. The people in Nicaragua are so full of love and compassion it could warm anyone's heart.

One of the most memorable days I had while I was there was the day we hiked Masaya Volcano. As we made our way close to the crest of the crater, sulphur steamed from deep inside the core with the bright, orange sun fighting to make its way through the dense fog. I stood at the edge, looking down, as the red and orange lava lit up the volcano's floor. It's moments like that which I cherish more than anything. Moments where the immensities of this world truly do put in to perspective how minuscule we are in comparison. 

You can read more in-depth about my experiences there on my personal blog.